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Save Money with LED Panels

by maemullen

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When it was discovered a few decades ago, the incandescent bulb was pretty amasing and was considered the best thing ever to happen to mankind. Now however it has been overtaken by event. Despite there being a more efficient solution, there are still people who are stuck in the past either due to ignorance or due to inaccessibility of LED panels. A look at the huge organisations or big building indicates that the cost of lighting is very significant and usually results to the increase in recurrent expenditure.  This is so if the ordinary bulb is the one being used.


The LED panels are economical and will save on operational costs in the long run. Technology is bound to change once in a while. Human beings are always in search of a better life as well as cost efficient machines to assist in production. The discovery of the LED panels was meant to achieve this and solve one of the major problems facing industries.  Particularly meant for the large organisations, LED panels are also suitable for home use and can significantly reduce the electricity bills that most home owners complain of.


It is a fact that LED panels are expensive to purchase. Indeed this has been one of the major issues that have stood in the way of most organisation wishing to overhaul their lighting system.  For the skyscrapers, it would be very expensive to change close to a hundreds of bulbs and replace them with LED panels.  However, in the long run, the cost of lighting can be cheaper if an organisation makes a switch.


All lights consume power and this is often related to the number of light sources; the more the bulbs the higher the cost. For the incandescent bulbs, due to their low level of efficiency, they require more power to produce the desired level of light. This is because a significant amount of energy is wasted in form of heat. For the LED Panels however, the level of efficiency is up to eighty percent meaning only twenty is lost in form of heat. It hence requires close to three bulbs to produce the same light as the LED panels but at thrice the power. A large organisation hence will require thrice the number of LED panels to light up the building meaning that the cost of the lighting will in the end go up compared to the cost of lighting when LED panels are used.


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