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Thrift Alert: Spend Less for More Love this Valentine’s Day

by anonymous

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Whether you just started dating last month or you’ve been married for ten years, if you’re panicking over a Valentine’s Day present, you must be with someone special. When it comes to your better half, nothing in-store or online seems to be good enough. You could spend a full month’s paycheck for a set of diamonds yet still feel your partner deserves better. But you just can’t seem to figure out where to start.

A couple more days before reds and hearts cover town. But it’s never too late for some gift ideas – especially those that don’t involve long drives to metro area shopping centers nor last minute withdrawals from the nearest ATM. All you need is the one thing that makes your partner perfectly content – you.

1.Self-publish a card. No, you don’t have to spend two quarters for a Valentine’s card off a grocery store. Instead, grab a paper and a pen – two items you can find anywhere at home – and write a letter yourself. It won’t be a one-line commercial greeting anybody else could get. Sure, they’re just words put together. But they’re your words. And each stroke of your semi-readable longhand is a confirmation that you mean what you’re every single one of them.

2Sing a silly love song. More than fifty percent of couples I’ve met have a theme song. If you have one, sing it for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Make yourselves remember when and how and why you fell in love in the first place. If you’re not cheesy enough to have a theme song, think of the lyrics on the radio that speaks exactly what you can’t express in your own words. Then, sing it.

3Paint your love. For men and women of art, there’s no easier way to communicate true feelings than with a canvas and a paint brush. Paint the garden of paradise because you’ve been closest to heaven since you’ve been together. Or simply draw your special someone in black and white because there’s nothing else in the world you could need or want.

4Draw a heart around town. You’ve seen it on TV. You may not be a poet or an artist, but you may be an athlete – or simply someone who can endure long distance running or cycling. This Valentine’s Day, create your own business card a special route that shouts I love you. It may not exactly be original. But it’s really not as easy as it looks on TV. It’s a bold venture anyone would appreciate.

Cook a meal. Thrifty does not involve dining in at a restaurant with an ambience, nor Chinese takeout. Instead, look inside your fridge and collect whatever’s left from last week’s grocery. Plan and make your own three-course meal of a dinner for two. Dress up and decorate your kitchen table to create your own five-star ambience.

Everyone’s got a talent of some kind to share. Flaunt it for someone you care for the most on a day that counts. Love and relationships are generally depicted to be nothing but shallow nowadays. Spare your love from the world’s description of it. Put effort and doing back in loving. You may not be the best writer or singer or chef around, but in whatever you choose to do, you put all of you.

Still can’t seem to figure out where to start? Remember, the best gifts come from the heart. Search through it and you can’t possibly go wrong. Guaranteed or your money back – if it even costs you a cent.

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