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Interior Design and Quality Customer Service

by carmillajones

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In the world of home improvement, few additions make such an impact on a homes' overall impression like window coverings. From shutters to blinds, shades to sunscreens, the options seem endless. What can also seem endless are the businesses which claim to give you "the best" of everything for next to nothing. Let's breakdown what makes a company worth a second look then worth a phone call.

These days promises seem to be as long as the list of people making them. Just try searching for a company on the internet that installs blinds...get some coffee, you're going to be looking through that list for a while. Gone are the days of true, old-school customer service, well almost. In my experience, I've found a few that stand out from the crowd by keeping a few forgotten skills, and adding a few new ones, into their business. One of the first signs a company still cares about the customers calling them is when a live person picks up the phone. What? Is something wrong? A live person? Yes, the idea of having someone greet you and welcome you to their business is not new but definitely lost these days to menus, prompts and voice-activated selections. Home improvement is not meant to take forever and there are still a few companies out there that understand this. Let's take a closer look at a few of the key customer service values that keep clients returning year after year.

Options: They say "variety is the spice of life" and if a company has more than just your average selection available to its customers, it sets them apart from the rest and allows more flexibility for their customers' wide range of tastes and styles.

Consultants: When you find a company who can arrange for a professional design consultant to meet with you, this is a new level of what it means to "be a pro." Having your own personal professional to bounce ideas off of and inspire you even more is a testament to how serious this business takes client care. They aren't just trying to get customers, they want raving fans.

Technology: Those that embrace the most current technology to get the job done, will get better results, period. Makes sense right? You'd think so but you would be amazed at the number of companies who don't even have a website. More and more people are making certain design decisions from home before they even pick up the phone. The home improvement market relies on speed and quality of technology to continue thriving.

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