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So, you own a vehicle and you want that it runs according to you smoothly and without any hiccups. If yes, then you should probably understand and learn the term dynamometer more accurately and deeply. A dynamometer, also called as dyno is a tool or a device which is used for measuring power or torque and the force applied by a moving object. It is used to measure the horsepower and torque produced by our vehicles engine. In simpler terms, it’s a diagnostic tool which can be used along with many computers to allow us see what is going on with our engines. Any changes or faults in the engine can be detected by dyno tuning. There are two type’s dynamometer, an engine dyno and a chassis dyno. An engine dyno is a dyno that is coupled directly to our engines. On the other hand, a chassis dyno is a dyno which can be used to measure the power delivered by the vehicle directly from the wheels without removing the engine from its frame.

So, what is exactly done in a dyno tuning and how is it performed? After checking the other parts for faults, we take a look at the dyno for tuning it. Firstly the engine compression is checked for determining whether it is mechanically sound or not. Secondly the spark plug, distributor and other parts like vacuum lines, plugs, etc. are checked. After this initial check the vehicle is placed on the dyno, with the driving wheels placed on the dyno rollers. The vehicle is run on a series of tests with running engine in various speeds, gears and load conditions. During these tests, an operator monitors the readings for horsepower and compares it with the amount of engine vacuum. Also, fuel monitors will check each circuit of the carburetor and then change the circuits for maximum efficiency and drivability. The detailed report can be obtained after 5-6 hours of testing.

Now, that you have understood what a dyno is, let’s move to the advantages tuning a dyno can provide us. Before that, we will see why chassis dyno is more favored among the masses? The main reason is that it does not require the engine to be taken out from the frame of the vehicle. Also, it is less expensive and easier to perform complex problems when compared with an engine dyno. By tuning a chassis dyno, we can obtain better fuel efficiency and extra power at the same time. Also, a properly tuned dyno requires minimum servicing and maintenance, hence saving the extra costs on them.

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