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Build A Snowman With A Norwegian Escort

by franklinbenjamin222

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The January snow has arrived. We pray every year it won’t come but it’s about time the British accepted it is part of our bitter cold winters. How do those snowy countries deal with heavy snowfall and dangerous ice? How do they keep warm of an evening? Norway is the perfect climate, with summers reaching a surprising thirty degrees centigrade and the winters dropping to a bone-chilling minus forty. The country’s weather really is the opposite ends of the spectrum and some call it the best of both. Sunbathing is on the cards for the warmer months, and you can pick up your skis or snowboard for the winter ones.

Thankfully, we have our Norwegian escorts who are experts in staying warm throughout harsh winters. Every year, Norway expects around 90 cm of snowfall, turning the country into a snowflake paradise. These gorgeous girls represent the beauty of their home country and still carry a strong reputation for being the most beautiful women in the world. Their blonde locks and pale complexion leave them with an envious glow. They love nothing more than playing out in the snow, wrapped up in fur and thick snow boots, these girls are quite the experts at building snowmen but they don’t like to build alone.

A beautiful Norwegian lady would recommend going out and having fun in order to stay warm this winter. The snowfall is nothing compared to the three feet Norway endures every year. Warming the blood with fine dining, alcoholic beverages and good company is the key to keeping the chill at bay. Your body keeps warm by burning the food you’ve eaten. It is a good excuse to have the naughty dessert you so desperately try to avoid at dinner time. We all try to keep track of our weekly alcohol intake but when it’s frosty outside, the extra pint isn’t going to hurt, surely. Trudging through thick snow is an equivalent to a hardcore gym workout and that’s why these Norwegian escorts are in such good shape. Their killer curves and toned legs leave men weak at the knees.

There is nothing more romantic than a stroll through a white coated park where trees struggle to shake off the unwanted layer that weighs them down. Although they miss home, the Norwegian companions are always very excited for the winter snowfall. It may not be ideal for skiing but there is so much fun to be had in the snow, so don’t stay in alone with a microwave meal for one. These gorgeous girls will lift your spirits and show you a good time in the cold weather.

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Franklin Benjamin is a freelance writer, who contributes to numerous blogs and websites. He is the Author of VLondon for the article on Norwegian Escorts In London . For more information Visit 2013 Escorts .

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