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Sealed Guild Wars 2

by anonymous

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An extraordinary thing is in my presence. A grand thing that will, not for long, stand adjacent to my bureau. It is a fixed Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition marked by ArenaNet devs, and I have the sworn job of giving it to a lucky soul consistent with my desperate whims.

To start with, a huge because of every last trace of the men and ladies of ArenaNet for sending this along to Kill Ten Rats. I can effortlessly choose a ton of marks from some socially animated visionaries. It is a fine gatherer's piece for any Guild Wars 2 fan.

Well first you can catch one from Syp over at BioBreak in the event that you such as utilizing that awesome new computerized picture clicker you got for Christmas. Provided that you need the one pictured above, you need to draw a short comic about MMO memes (in particular Guild Wars 2 ones).

ArenaNet really need to step back and assess the impact Portal as a skill has on the game and the fact that mesmers are fast becoming mandatory for almost everything in Guild Wars 2. The utility, damage and flexibility they bring to a party makes them indispensable. If we’re to have all professions given a fair crack at the whip, we really must revisit many of the mesmers skills and reign them in. The only alternative is to boost those around it, which I’m sure is a more difficult task. All that said, I’d still like to see engineers be able to repair siege equipment. For great justice!,how-will-the-materia-system-change-in-ffix-arr-1359528652.html

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