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Did you know That Off-Road Racing Can be Fun?

by Neomy

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Did you know that off-road racing can be a leisure activity and anyone can participate? Do you know the history of racing and the types of off-road racing available? Well, off-road racing is not an activity for the experts only. Even you can participate.

Off-road racing is a type of racing that involves different vehicles including trucks, motorcycles and cars. It is a fun activity that brings people from all corners together; young and old. It depends with the terms set for that particular race.

During racing, you can choose whichever category you want. In a competition, there are set tight rules that must not be broken and every participant is expected to follow them to the letter. Failure to this, you might be given a warning or even be disqualified. All the participants follow the same route and whoever wins gets the prize.

As much as off-road racing is a fun activity, caution has to be taken. Always ensure you have the right attire and equipment necessary before setting out for a race. Have the right spare parts, water and even the right racing wheels. This will ensure that you have a safe race and get through to the finishing line.

However, as a leisure activity, there are no specific rules to be followed. It’s entirely done for enjoyment and fun purposes.

There are two major formats of off-road racing; Desert racing and short course racing.

Desert Racing

Desert racing, just as the name suggests, takes place in the desert. It was started by a racing body in North America; National off-road Racing Association, in 1967. The first race ever was held in the Mexican Desert. It was named as the Mexican 1000 but later changed to Baja 1000. Most of these desert races take place on government land and are set in miles. For different vehicles, the amount of miles covered is determined by the suspension system set up and the engine size. This is because different vehicles have varied engine sizes and suspension systems and can handle distance differently. Of course, there other factors that determine the number of miles to be covered, like metal wheels and tires, but the first two are the main determining factors. The others fall in later to determine whether a vehicle makes it to the finishing line or not.

Today, there are other private organizations emerging to sponsor this activity thus attracting more participants.

Short Course Racing

Short Course racing involves less miles compared to desert racing. All races go for less than 5 miles trips. The paths used have several left and right turns, jumps, gravel tips and washboards. Some short course races take place in stadiums and are referred to as Stadium racing. These were previously supported by the government only but are now promoted by private organizations. Currently, this type of racing is prominent in California, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.

Another form of racing is hill climbing which takes place on hills. Any other race that takes place on unspecified or unpaved tracks is a form of off-road racing too.

Above are the formats of off-road racing; desert racing, short course racing and hill climbing. You can choose to participate as a competitor or as a person in search for fun.

If you have never participated in a race, try it today and it will be fun. Just make sure you have the right attire and equipment.

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