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Passion – The key ingredient for a successful modeling caree

by anonymous

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Many typical hip hop fans assume that succeeding as a model is very easy so long as you are young, beautiful and talented. Many of us imagine that beauty is singly paramount in the modeling world and that once you have it nothing can stop you from achieving fame and celebrity status. Truth be told, we are incredibly mistaken in thinking that looks are all that matter in the hip hop and modeling industry. Having good looks does matter but there is something more important; passion.


Passion is the fuel that drives black female models to succeed. Without passion you can’t make it in the hip hop industry because there are so many challenges involved including strong competition from other wannabe models. When the competition heats up, lots of aspiring hip hop modelsare often taken aback because many of them naively assume that the ride to fame is easy.


In candid interviews with Black Men Digital magazine, a number of black female models have shared snippets from their personal lives. Listening to what these women have said, it comes out clearly that most of them are hip hop models not because they didn’t have any other careers they could pursue but simply because they love modeling. Tellingly, a good number of black female models to whom Black Men Digital has spoken have university degrees. What does this tell you? Firstly, these women are academically accomplished, putting paid to the assumption that models are – to put it unkindly –dumb. Secondly, the fact that these women have abandoned the careers they’d studied for in favor of modeling shows you that they clearly have a passion for modeling.


Hip hop models do not live gilded lives as many of us assume. Granted, successful black female models earn good money but it takes them many years of hard work. It takes hard work to arrive at the centerstage and even more hard work to stay there. Without passion many successful models would have quit long before they made it.


Many of us take our diets and fitness for granted but listening to these hip hop models you can’t help but notice how much attention they pay to these things. They really don’t have a choice either because a fit, healthy body is a model’s primary asset. While the rest of us slouch in front of TV screens with tubs of ice cream these models have to put in plenty of exercise and watch what they eat. What do you call that if not passion?


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