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Professional Wedding Photographers News & reviews

by ashalemari

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Technically, if you have ever been paid to take pics, you can stretch the label of professional photographers. But like a overweight man in a shirt sizes small, most people will be able to see that the label doesn't fit. There is a giant difference between being paid to take pics and being a professional photographer.It's a difficult query because there is no standard definition to report a professional photographer and no measuring stick to look at and declare you have arrived. Theoretically someone can call themselves a professional photographer, even if all they have is a point and shoot camera. Depending on where you set the bar, it could be a low hurdle to clear.

Follow The Money Money is a giant part of meeting the definition of wedding photographers, more specifically how much of your total income comes from photography. Like any new artist, plenty of photographers have a day job. I keep in mind hearing the story of band member who worked as a cook at a seafood restaurant for ten years before their band finally produced a hit.Photography is of those career fields that is always compelling. Even photographers who put their gear on the shelf and take a day job are never far from the desire to suit up and get back in the game. If it came with a steady paycheck, most would be back in business in a heartbeat.

It can be the same story in photographers reviews. It is not unusual for new photographers to be in a different line of work within years; in fact, the giant majority are doing something else for a living in that timeframe. Beyond that is another group in the continuum between supplementing their regular income with photography and working a sideline job to make ends meet.Beyond that there is another level of photographer that still gets the honorary title although the money is not there yet. There's those individuals who treat photography like a career, like their future hinges on every job. They meticulously plan and execute studio shoots and treat every job like it is a six figure contract whether they are getting paid or not. No detail is small and their objective is perfection. You can spot those people in a crowded field and you know they'll make it.


The definition for photography news I use is if the bulk of your income derives from taking pics, you are a professional. In case you carryover liability and equipment insurance, and have a membership in a professional association or guild, you are a professional; even in case you have a sideline job or occasionally must take unrelated work to make ends meet.

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