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Things to Remember While Buying Gold Jewelry

by articleajay

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Gold & diamonds are said to be women’s best friend and if you are trying to impress your better half this season then Gold Jewelry can be the best option to gift her. You can gift the gold Jewelry at any time at an occasion girls will really love the gift.

But you need to make sure that you are buying quality gold, as there is no point in investing if it’s not a quality gold. As we all know that gold is not only an expensive gift but it’s an investment for life time. In recent years you all might have seen the way the gold has gained. You can get up to 30% to 40% return on it.

The only thing you need to make sure, while you purchase gold Jewelry is that you need to look out for the hall mark. But just looking for the hallmark is not enough you should be aware of the fact that what all things ensure that the hallmarked Jewelry is genuine. If you will ask the Jeweler about the hallmarked Jewelry he will be least interested in showing it. But, you should not fall in the trap.

Another thing you should know about Hallmark is that Hallmark consists of 5 symbols which ensure the purity of Gold.

What do we mean, when we say that the gold is pure? It means that there is a surety that if the seller is selling 22K gold Jewelry then is 22k carat Jewelry no way lesser than that. Even if you are purchasing gold Jewelry online then too you need to make sure that the Jewelry you buy is hallmarked. Online shopping for gold Jewelry can be considered as the safest way to shop.

What Hallmark’s 5 symbols symbolize?

a)      BIS logo

b)      the year in which the jewelry is manufactured

c)       © logo of institute of institute or retail certificate of buying

d)      logo of hall marking center

e)      purity related marks

You will find all these five marks in Jewelry ranging from small to big but you will not find it on gold earrings for women. This was all about the hallmark on the gold Jewelry.

Another thing where the gold Jewelers will take huge benefits from you is the carat. When you will ask for the days price of the gold Jewelry they tell you rate of 22 carat gold price or may be the 24 carat gold price, by the time you buy the gold Jewelry you will forget that you have asked the price of 22carat gold Jewelry.

You may buy an 18 carat Jewelry and pay the price of 22 carat Jewelry. If it’s a hallmarked Jewelry then it will be hallmarked according to 18 carat gold Jewelry.

All these things if taken care of, then it’s for sure that you are paying for what you have purchased. Seventymm is taking the initiative to spread the awareness among the people so that your hard earned money is not gone in vain.

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