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Properly Looking After Your Toilet: On Surrey Plumbing

by darryliorio

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A lot of Canadians probably don't think about the toilet as an important component of their house's plumbing system, but it is. Even the slightest observed defect can cause major problems later, this is exactly why it's very important to check the fixture on a regular basis for indicators of malfunction.

Though it's recommended to call an expert at plumbing from Surrey to deal with blocked pipes, some minor hassles in the toilet could be dealt with with a little knowledge and some research (which is what you're doing now, anyway). The easiest task that you can possibly do with your toilet involves replacing the seat.

If you're willing to bend over and search for the unseen holes below the seat, then you can take off the cover and replace it with a cleaner, sturdier one without the aid of a plumbing professional. All you have to do is to unscrew the nuts and washers that keep the cover bolted to the seat. Keep in mind, these toilet seat covers are available in 2 standard sizes; so getting a replacement at the nearby house ware store is a piece of cake.

Installing a new seat is even much easier; you just have to place the mounting bolts into the 2 holes and screw the washers and nuts back. Just see to it that you do not secure them too firmly or you may find it difficult to remove them in the future. Nonetheless, many Surrey plumbing beginners can come across issues along the way, even with a task as easy as changing a toilet seat.

Metal nuts and washers may gather rust gradually, making it even tougher to unscrew them from the corroded mounting bolt. Administer a generous amount of low-viscosity oil to loosen the rings, then make use of an industrial-grade wrench to detach the cover from the seat. Just be extra careful when using steel tools; applying too much force may risk damaging as well as destroying the bowl if your hold unintentionally slips. Such significant damages would certainly need the help of qualified expert plumbing technicians to rectify.

Once you've effectively removed the seat and switched it out with the new one, do not forget to place rubber bumpers before placing the mounts into the holes, to see to it that your cover will have a tight fit once you're done. Look into for more solutions to common issues encountered in the toilet.

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