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Streaming Service to start your own Radio and TV Station

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What do you need to have your own Radio and TV Station on Internet?

- Audio/Video equipments

- Dedicated Computer with special encoder software

- Streaming hosting provider

The studio equipments for an Internet Broadcast station can be as complex as you want. Difference with traditional broadcast station is that the FM or TV Transmitter is replacing by a computer with special encoding application that can be a software or hardware. Based on this, all the studio equipments can be exactly the same except for the RF (radio frequency) equipments like transmitter, antenna, coaxial cable, etc.

Minimum requirements equipments will be:

- Audio Mixer/Console for Radio and Video Switcher for TV

- Video Camera (TV)

- Microphone

- Headphone

- Speakers

- PC with audio card

- Automation software (special program to create the music/video content playlist)

- CD Player, DVD Player (if required)

- Dedicated PC with special encoding software

- Streaming Hosting Provider

The equipments hookup is very simple, all audio sources like PC (with automation software), microphone, CD player, etc., will be connected to the Microphone inputs and line level inputs in the audio mixer/console. Video camera, DVD Player will be connected to the video inputs on the Switcher. The audio main outputs from the mixer goes to the audio card input and the Main video output of the Video Switcher goes to the video card input of the dedicated PC that will be doing the encoding to send the streaming signal to the streaming service provider.

The streaming service provider receives the streaming signal from the encoder PC and replicates the same signal for every user that requires view/listen the internet broadcast station. The streaming hosting provider has enough bandwidth to deliver the streaming signal to any listener at any time.

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