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Things that SEO Resellers Are Needed to Carry Out

by darryltay

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Becoming an SEO reseller can be really lucrative indeed. Just think, all you need to do is try to find clients, refer them to a white label SEO firm, and profit in the process. It's that easy. However, as an SEO reseller, you do have a particular amount of duty: You are responsible for the client at the "front end". Responsibilities of SEO resellers at the "front end" usually include the following.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is using particular tools to acquire information that can help in broadening the scope of a business to eventually enhance profits. Leads normally include names and addresses of individuals or organizations. A list of leads could be acquired from targeted data sources, including the World Wide Web and telephone directories.


The fundamental principle concerning a sale is that it can only be realized after a transaction. This means that the products or services have been provided, and the company has received payment. A white label SEO can inform you about every little thing you have to know about SEO products and services, but it will be your duty to close your own accounts.

Client Support

Throughout the course of a project, your customer will be speaking to you and not to the SEO provider, so it's very likely that your client will have questions and need support. You have to be prepared to provide them with whatever they may require. You don't need to stress if you have a good SEO provider working with you; they'll be there to aid you in answering questions and provide client support. All you need to do is relay them to your client clearly and efficiently.

Billing the Client

Its' simple: Your client signs an agreement with you, and you sign an arrangement with the SEO service provider. That suggests you are the one responsible for billing your customer under your company name, and your SEO provider will then bill you for the services it provided. Your client hires you, you hire the SEO provider.

Most SEO resellers believe that their job stops with discovering a good SEO service provider, so they fail. Perform the above-mentioned responsibilities to your best, and you'll be on your way to turning into one of the most successful SEO resellers in the business. Go over more SEO articles on

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