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Country Living

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The people of the London suburbs
have been rejoicing recently. It seems that they have very much come back into
vogue again. After coverage by national newspapers and general talk between
friends have reestablished the areas as the some of the hottest places to live
in the capital. The surge is certainly being appreciated by Horncastle escorts,
who find their once sleepy corner of the city packed full of businessmen
looking for a relaxing way to spend an afternoon away from all the concrete
that dominates the central areas.

There has long been a conflict
between the bustling life of the city, and the most relaxed existence that can
be found in the country. That’s why so many eventually choose to move away and
turn to more rural places as their new home. Kent is full of men and women in
their late 30’s to late 50’s, all commuting up to London. On the weekend, they
can breathe an ever so slightly smug sigh of relief as they take in the fresh
air and survey their beautiful surroundings. They might take an amble down the
farmer’s market to get a bit of fresh produce or a trip to the quaint public
house on the corner perhaps, with its fine gardens and dark leather chairs.
They might even indulge themselves with a few Horncastle escorts in the gentle
light of a Sunday morning. They have made it. They’ve escaped the rat race.
They are free.

That is the dream that so many
estate agents sell to people. It’s one that has ensnared those that thought
they were above such things. It gets to them, over time. It wears them down.
Their cynicism and conscious realization that they’re being sold a fantasy
starts off very strong, but over time the constant toil of life wears it down,
until eventually they succumb. They start buying into the white picket fence
and the perfect lawn. Before they know it, they’re leaving the excitement of
city behind for the pastoral glory of the fields. It’s only a few weeks later,
when they’re sitting in the silence on a Saturday night that they realise
they’ve left their life of fun behind.

How to solve this problem? It’s a
problem that has troubled Londoners for decades. The solution lies in the
“burbs”. Suburban life offers the best of both worlds. The environment is safe
enough to bring up small children, and it’s suitably tranquil. Nice things like
farmers’ markets and fairs are all regular occurrences here. You get as good
amount of land and then there is plenty of natural beauty around. There are
small cricket grounds where you can while a summer afternoon watching the sport
under a shady tree.

However, transport links are
still strong enough for you to get into the centre of London in under an hour
and without a lot of trouble. It’s a fairly simple commute into the city and
it’s definitely cheaper than taking an incredibly expensive train. Getting on a
tube on the end of the line also has the bonus of pretty much guaranteeing you
a seat. It might be peaceful, but it’s not exactly a dead end like its
equivalent out in the country: if you want to spend some time with a Horncastle
escort or go to a trendy nightclub, you’re not going to have to go out of your

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