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Techniques Of Marketing For Your Business Website

by webeveron

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Marketing your website, also known as Internet marketing or website marketing, is a combination of sheer hard work, patience and possibly an ounce of luck. Hence you must prepare yourself for some website marketing. But beware you are in for some real tough job.

Game Changer

One of the initial headaches with internet marketing is that the rules of the game are constantly changing, strictly speaking, the key search engine i.e. Google is changing the rules on a regular basis. Because when we're speaking about website marketing what we actually mean is the methods of marketing our website so that it gets better visibility in Google. As Google is the search engine mostly preferred by internet marketers.

Google is very developed and their search rankings outcomes depends on multiple factors which together formulates what is known as search engine algorithm. Factors such as the domain age, header tags, content as well as external links are just some of the factors Google looks at. Google changes it search engine algorithm on a regular basis. While most changes are quite subtle, occasionally we may find a major update. If there is an upward or downward movement for your website for a particular keyword, this is usually the reason.

Google says the regular updates are made to improve the overall results of the search engine listings. There may be a number of arguments about this point but be assured Google will continue to make changes whenever it deems it as a necessary update. If you really want to rank well consistently for your most of your important keywords, the key is to follow a pre – decided guideline to market your website.

Traditional Methods

SEO has been a core activity since its inception in website marketing but there are some people who think that the recent Google changes have rendered SEO into a dispensable activity that may not seem that important.

Most experts will however, still believe that using SEO and traditional methods of website marketing are still valuable if you want to rank well in search engines.

Traditional website marketing tactics include:

  • Keyword research, to ensure you're targeting the right keywords for your business
  • Implementing meta, title and image alt tags that closely align with your keywords
  • Developing headings, content and internal links that align with your keywords
  • Getting quality external links (i.e. links to your website from other websites) from a range of sites such as press release websites, content and article websites and website directories
  • Using a variety of anchor text keywords for these external links
  • Creating an XML sitemap
  • Creating a robots.txt file
  • Using Google Webmaster tools and Analytics

Start Planning

Plan your strategy well in advance for your social media activities Make your objectives very clear, the tools and activities you will use, the resources that you might need, a fixed period of time  and the method to evaluate your marketing techniques.

Make sure that your business website is engaging and is able to draw the desired niche audience, thereby ensuring your efforts in marketing your website don’t go in vain.

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