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Ideas from a San Diego Business Litigation Attorney

by janaystiles

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To be distinguished as the maker or producer or owner of a certain product, a proof of proprietorship is needed. Whether you are a business owner or an artist, putting a trademark or copyright on your product or masterpiece is one of the techniques to shield it from getting stolen. Trademarks, in particular, function as a way to distinguish the source of item to distinguish it from other similar items in the market.

Imagine it this way: a trademark is as practical to a product's identity as a fingerprint is to a person's identity. A business litigation attorney from San Diego will explain to you that a trademark or copyright is special, and works as a business or enterprise's "signature" on the product they offer. That pointed out, trademark breach by a contender can be grounds for business lawsuits.

Aside from forming formal ownership, there are lots of other benefits to using a trademark. For instance, registering your business name as a trademark gives you the authority to hinder any company from declaring it or anything identical to it. The International Trademark Association states that the rules pertaining to trademark infringement aim to spare consumers from mystification induced by a couple of items with closely similar names.

As stated by a business litigation attorney from San Diego, having a trademark in the United States allows you to mark products in a certain location. This indicates that no one else can apply the label you trademark in a region, city, or locale. You can similarly employ a registered U.S. trademark to get access to overseas registration so that you can branch out to foreign markets.

As previously stated, trademarks are not only good for business owners but to consumers too. Apart from working as the identifier of a particular item, a trademark likewise keeps customers from being deceived. This enables them to acquire the item they aim to buy, instead of something that is deceivingly like it.

Other than safeguarding your items, a trademark also works as the representation of your company. There are various perks to registering one, particularly in a world that is becoming less and less authentic. To know more about claiming a trademark, get in touch with business litigation attorneys from San Diego or visit

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