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How Spa Covers Can Keep Your Water Warm

by spacovers

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Winter winds or even a cold windy day in any part of the country can lead to additional strain being put in your hot tub components, especially the pump and heater. To keep your water warm, save energy money and cut back on the evaporation rate of your water buy spa covers at Cool winds across the water will dramatically lower the water temperature and cause the hot tub heater more often than it needs to.

Spending money on a quality hot tub cover will keep the water clean, cut back on evaporation and keep the water toasty warm. There is no one who is not looking to save money and help the household budget. The investment you made in a hot tub cover will be reaped over the long term in the energy savings you should realize over the long term.

Keeping your hot water temperature at optimal soaking levels can be accomplished through the diligent use of a hot tub cover. Your spa cover will also prevent dirt and debris from falling into the hot tub. Wildlife will also be kept out of the water if you have a hot tub cover and no one wants to begin a session in the hot tub by having to scoop a dead animal out of the water and then having to sanitize the water. Tree limbs and falling leaves can damage to both the water chemical balance and could damage the structure itself.

If you purchase a spa cover and don’t use it you are simply throwing money away – money spent on the hot tub cover as well as the money you’re spending heating it and using additional chemicals to keep the water balanced and clean. It may be a bit of a hassle to remove and replace the hot tub before and after every session, but if you’ve bought it you need to use it. Purchase a hot tub cover with a locking mechanism as a way to keep out both curious children and neighbors who may be tempted to use your hot tub while you’re away. The locking hot tub cover is also great for safety and security sake.

Consider your hot tub cover as a fashion accessory rather than just using it for functional reasons. Spa covers can be purchased in myriad colors, materials and designs. You can buy spa covers that you can have monogrammed or even with the logo of your favorite sports team to really make a fashion statement in your backyard. Remember though if you’re buying a hard cover or a thick cover, you may want to consider purchasing a hot tub lifter to help place and remove the cover when the hot tub is not in use.

If you have children in the area, you will definitely want to look into a hard shell cover as these can bear the weight of a curious child and keep him from falling into the water. will custom-make the perfect new or replacement hot tub covers to fit your hot tub. Free shipping on all spa covers!

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