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Friendly relations

by khurram381

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Friendship is the feeling of mutual regard and attachment which grows up between persons who come in contact with one another in the affairs of life. It is quite a natural feeling and grows up and is intensified as a result of frequent interaction.  Usually the feeling is engendered between persons with the same temperatures, tastes and ideas. Like to like is the law which governs friendship. Persons with different tastes can never agree and become friends, because they cannot sympathize with one another and without sympathy there can be no friendship.

Man is a social animal, he must mix with others. A man who lives in solitude is either an angel or a beast but the majority of men are not angels. They must therefore associate with others, if they do not wish to become misanthropists. And it is a great pleasure to associate with kindred natures. You meet many new people either you are on Dhow cruise Dubai or any other part of world. It is easier to make enemies than to make friends. The reason is that true friends are very rare and every one whom we meet and converse with or deal with, however outwardly attractive his manners and whatever his professions may be, cannot be trusted as a friend. You can agree with and like cannot be trusted as a friend. You can agree with and like very few men but everyone with whom you disagree or whom you dislike may become your enemy.

Selfish men would leave you as soon as their self-interest is satisfied and at the first sight of danger but a true and faithful friend would follow you like a shadow and would remain with you through thick and thin. We can express our inmost feelings to our friends and impart to them our greatest secrets with confidence, and thus relieve to them our hearts of a great burden.  Friends counsel his sympathy, his help, lighten our anxieties. He shares our joys and sorrows. A true and faithful friend is who guide you right path, like you can take guidance of people that have visited Dubai or any other part of the world. You can ask your friends about Dubai attractions if they are living their like about yacht charter in Dubai and other areas.

A friend is also a great corrector of our faults, by his gentle advice and as a result of our association with him, and by the silent influence of his example, our angularities are smoothed. In distress and misery when we feel lonely and the whole world is dark, a true friend is our only support. A true friend is thus great medicine for all the ills of life. He is the source of comfort and solace and upholds us in difficulties. Loneliness in life is a great evil. Friends are the only cure of this evil, it is doubly blessed. It renders prosperity more brilliant and adversity more bearable. Cherish true friends, help them, work for them, defend them, stand up for them if attacked, rejoice with them if they prosper, sympathize with them in evil times and console them if they are in trouble.

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