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Everything you wanted to know about Itchy Palms and Soles

by praveenprana

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Itchy Palms and Soles can leave anyone in a distressed state. It could also be publicly embarrasing to have palms and soles in this shape. Let us look into what actually causes itchy palms and how it can be avoided and treatment available for this problem.

Itchy palms can occur due to Endogenous Causes which are internal causes and are difficult to ascertain. They can be due to psychological reasons like stress and anxiety. Also sweating increases the sensation of itching in many people which can be due to some vitamin deficiency.Diseases of the liver, kidney and blood disorders also lead to itchy palms and soles.

Exogenous causes for itchy palms and soles include infection from external sources. Infection on the hands and feet can cause dermatitis and harbour bacterial proteins leading to inflammatory skin changes. Also certain detergents, cosmetics, soap and other allergens can cause sever itchy palms and soles. Some people also have an allergic reaction to seafood.

Itchy palms and soles always do not lead to skin changes and some people experience severe itching even though the skin appears normal from outside. This can be due to drug allergies and other causes . It is known as psychogenic itchy palms and soles. Though the skin appears normal from outside, the itching should not be neglected and you should immediately consult your skin care specialist.

However there is treatment available for itchy palms and soles. The method is to treat the systemic causes like thyroid diseases, crohn's disease, lymphomas and multiple myeloma. In some cases, cholestyramine and naltrexone may be effective. Also narrow band UVB or Phototherapy with PUVA are known to be effective in relieving itchy palms.

As an alternative, there are also some home remedies for itchy palms and soles. Do not use hot water for bathing as it increases irritation and makes the skin dry. You could add some milk into your water before bathing as the lactic acid in milk is known to moisture the skin. Also petroleum jelly is known to be the best remedy for itchy palms and soles.

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