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Get rid of house germs with microfiber mops

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House clean-up is the daily chore for women, but it takes more time to mop the house. In olden days, people use to clean the house manually, but generation has brought many changes with technology. There are many vacuum cleaners and floor mops for make your house hygienic and germs free.  There are many kinds of mops like cotton, sponge, synthetic, microfiber and many more. There are various shapes available in stores and super markets. In these floor mops, microfiber mops are popular ones to remove the germs, dirt particles and clean your house with a shining effect.

These are made with two types of synthetic fibers with interlocking mechanism; the composition of these fibers is 50 percent polyester and 50 percent polyamide. Polyester helps in polishing where as polyamide helps in cleaning the dust and germs. With this interlocking mechanism, it can make your floor hygiene by removing germs. These are easy to use and less expensive. These are effective to remove the dirt form the corners easily. These are mainly preferable in hospitals to remove germs and bacteria. You can follow some simple steps for easy mopping and you should also remember some basic precautions for perfect cleaning.

Always sweep the floor before wiping it to avoid stickiness and remove the carpet and furniture. Fill a bucket with water and add some mild detergent or cleaning agent and immerse the mop in this solution. Start mopping the entire floor from one direction to another in a circular motion. Once you done with cleaning, place the furniture and carpet on their places. In this way, you can clean the house regularly with minimal efforts. These are lightweight with adjustable handles, so it is easy to use them. These are suitable for all kinds of floors such as vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, laminating wood, tiles and many more.

Microfiber contains small thin fibers to attract the dust particles, germs and bacteria. Hence, these are used in hospitals, schools, malls and many other places. These are effective to absorb the sufficient water for wiping the floor. You can clean your house regularly without dripping more water in a less period of time. You can use the cleaning solution weekly once, but in normal days, you can wipe the house with plain water. These mops reduce the usage of chemicals in your house and make hygiene with germs free. These are easily washable with either machine or hand wash. So, wash these mops to remove the accumulated dirt after every use to maintain its longer life.

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