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Google’s Nexus 7 Gets a Stylish, New Cover

by broke26

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What happens when the leader in tablet case design meets Google’s newest tablet device, the Nexus 7? A synergy of functionality, convenience, design and style of course. Blurex, the leading creator of protective cases for hand held tablet devices has done it again with an innovative case for the new Nexus 7. The light, durable case protects your Nexus 7 from accidental drops and maintains a sleek design that would make any tablet owner jealous.

The Nexus 7 case is one of the most thoughtful device cases on the market today. Besides keeping your tablet protected, the new cover for the Nexus 7 tablet contains a magnet designed to automatically switch your Nexus 7 to sleep mode when you have closed the case and to “wake it up” as soon as the case is opened. The magnet only works one way and there is no danger of putting your tablet to sleep when the case is fully opened. There is even an elastic strap that lets you keep the case open hands free. With a special wrist strap any user will be able to keep hold of their tablet at any point.

The case for Google Nexus 7 conveniently turns into a stand that can be adjusted to multiple angles for convenient viewing from any position. This makes viewing content and video even easier. This custom case has been designed to make sure that the user can use every aspect of their device. With cutouts for all features of the device any user will be able to access everything without taking the device out of the case including the front and rear speakers. The device is held in place by clips so there is no clunky sleeve to compete with. There is no Velcro so there is no need to worry that your case will stop closing over time.

Blurex specializes in combining style and function. The Nexus 7 case is made of a unique synthetic leather cover with a microfiber lining. The case looks just as stylish as it is functional. Available in a wide variety of colors, the ultra-light and super thin case adds minimal weight, keeping your Nexus 7 at its most portable. This Nexus 7 case is a revolutionary way to protect your hand held device.

Blurex is at the top of their game when it comes to combine everyday use, high fashion style and maximum quality in their design. All of the Blurex product line can be found on as well as their home page Blurex has answered the prayers of tablet owners everywhere with this affordable case. The Blurex designed case for the Google Nexus 7 is certainly one of a kind.

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