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Fingerprint Jewellery: The Latest Talk in the Fashion Indust

by preciouslittle

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Fingerprint jewellery has been around for a few years, but lately its popularity has increased exponentially and it has become the talk of every fashion circle. When we talk about personalised fashion accessories, fingerprint ornaments are the latest trend. The affordable piece of jewellery not only acts as a great addition to your wardrobe, but also acts as a great keepsake that you can keep with you at all times, something that would stay close to your heart forever. Designers create these fine pieces of jewellery by capturing on silver the very thing that serves as a person’s identity, fingerprints. Fingerprint jewellery is the latest craze among celebrities, parents and people who want to have a unique piece of jewellery. 

Pendants are the most popular fingerprint jewellery available today, but there are many other fashionable options to choose from including key chains, cuff links and bracelets. Fingerprint jewellery is fully customised for every buyer and can be made using fingerprints or toe prints as well.

silver print jewellery is the perfect piece to capture a number of occasions like graduations, birthdays and anniversaries. Each piece of jewellery id unique and is made with a finger print imprinted on a silver piece along with a hand engraved name. This makes each piece unique when compared to any other piece. If you want to get a piece of fingerprint ornament made for yourself, all you have to do is send the artist a package with putty that has the fingerprint impressed on it. You can also use the special papers available today for this purpose. You have many options for getting embossed on the jewellery piece, including fingerprints, drawings, handwritings, toe prints and many other things. The options today are truly endless.

If you wish to shop online for your fingerprints jewellery, you just have to visit the website of the manufacturer or designer, choose your piece of jewellery, order and pay for the product that you have chosen. The manufacturer would send you an easy to use kit to take the fingerprint and an addressed envelope. Just use the kit to take the print, put the putty impressed with the fingerprint in the envelope and send it. You can also choose to buy the fingerprint jewellery from the store or workshop of the designer.

A great idea would be organise a fingerprint party at your place with your nearest relatives and close friends. If you are hosting the party, the manufacturer would most likely make your piece of jewellery for free.

Many people favour fingerprints jewellery as a great piece of gift, the piece of jewellery can be easily customized, this means that you would have a unique piece of jewellery for you and you would be designing the piece according to your choices. The uniqueness of the piece is what makes it an ideal gift for multiple occasions.

Fingerprint jewellery is a unique, attractive and affordable option not just as a piece of jewellery but also as a priceless gift.

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