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Tips for First-Time Boat Buyers: How to Get the Best Deals

by rosalindarudloff

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The North Saskatchewan River has always been a source of livelihood for residents of Alberta province. Fishing, boating, hydroelectric power—the river’s generous bounty is a major asset to the nearby communities. But the river isn’t always about pragmatic stuff; in fact, the tributary also offers a wide range of possibilities for water recreational activities as well.


Edmonton is a prime location to launch such recreational activities due to the fact that the city rests on the North Saskatchewan. The river runs through the metropolis itself, and this makes the waterway easily accessible. Many locals enjoy bringing their personal crafts to bear upon the refreshing waters of the brook, and tourists are more than welcome to join in the fun. If you are interested in hitting the river waters, but lack the necessary marine vehicle, local Edmonton boat dealers can sell reasonably priced crafts for you to use.


One of the most popular modes of water recreation in Edmonton is using a jet boat to zip across the water at daredevil speeds. The river’s size provides enough room for maneuvering the fastest water crafts. If you want to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping action, but can’t afford pricey jet boats, then a quick visit to used boat dealers in Edmonton could help you snag such a vessel at a fraction of its original cost.


Jet boats aren’t for everyone, particularly the faint of heart. As an alternative, you could simply rent hand-powered rowboats or kayaks to enjoy the river at your own pace. You could also rent boats large enough to facilitate group fishing activities. There’s simply nothing like kicking back and spending a lazy afternoon reeling in yellow perch and northern pike with your best buddies.


Non-conventional water sports and activities are also possible on the North Saskatchewan. Wakeboarding, parasailing, kite boating and kite surfing—it if involves water, you can bet that the Saskatchewan has it. You might want to inquire around Edmonton regarding which crafts are available for rent or purchase so that you may participate in these extreme pastimes.


The North Saskatchewan River is full of life; it’s more than just the fish who enjoy its waters. Come join and plunge into the fun with a boat of your own. For more information, visit

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