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Ways Richmond VA Roofing Contractors Assist in Repairing

by mileywaterman

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Pictures of snow-covered country houses and pine trees may look wonderful on Christmas cards, but in real life, snow is something some individuals would rather not experience. Snowfall typically leads to accidents and insufferable traffic congestion. Substantial snowfall can also cause the collapse of roofing systems of commercial and residential structures just like what occurred in 3 houses, two convenience stores, and a grocery store in West Virginia in late October 2012.

A roof collapse can lead to costly repair expenses and severe injuries to home owners and occupants. To avoid this, home owners should be sure that their roofs are sound enough to sustain the weight of snow buildup. If an owner isn't certain how his roof will fare in the event of snowstorms and blizzards, he must call on professional roofing contractors in Richmond VA so they can make the necessary adjustments.

A research from the University of Arkansas revealed that the water content of snow range from three percent for dry snow, 33 percent for wet and heavy snow, and 100 percent for ice. The study also says every inch of water depth weighs 5.2 pounds per square foot. Thus, roofing systems of structures found in snow-heavy climates like Virginia should be made to carry a snow load of 20 pounds per square foot to carry the weight of heavy snow having a depth of up to 12 inches.

An additional issue that develops because of snow is the formation of icicles and ice dams. These develop when snow from the roofs melt and refreezes at roof eaves or edges. When disregarded, these ice dams and icicles can weigh down gutters, peel paint, cause leaks in ceilings or walls, and dislodge roof shingles.

A lot of owners are drawn to clear away the ice and snow on their roofing systems by themselves. Nevertheless, doing so will be a safety hazard especially if they have pitched or sloped roofs. Consequently, it's always best to employ expert Richmond roofing professionals to take on the job using proper devices like a roof rake or push broom.

These professionals will extensively examine the entire roof and gutter system for any damage created by snowfall. They will also recommend ways on how to ideally safeguard roofs for winter. To discover more, browse through

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