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Opt for White Roofing in Chicago to Protect Green

by penelopedingee

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The notion that dark colors take in more heat than light colors is typical, primarily to fashion enthusiasts. The same concept develops the basis of the federal government's Cool Roof Grant Program, which promotes the use of white or reflective rooftops to reduce the purported urban heat island effect.

The federal government is making it easier for property owners to shift to cool roofing with a tax credit of 30% to certified roof replacements, to a maximum of $ 1,500. Through this reward given, there's scarcely a reason not to choose cool Chicago roofing at present.

The tax credit applies to all Energy Star-approved roofing goods. It only covers material fees, however, so mounting fees aren't incorporated in the credit calculation. Likewise, the roofing material needs to have colored coatings or cooling granules especially meant to lower heat gain. These coatings and granules have high solar reflectance ratings, i.e., they tend to reflect, rather than soak up, light. With more light reflected by your roofing, the less heat there is to pass through into your home.

The Windy City's experience with the program has been excellent. Other than helping homeowners conserve money, cool rooftops are pleasant to the surroundings and bring about a healthy city. Repayment isn't immediate, nonetheless. Installation of these environment-friendly roof coverings is greatly costlier, and thus it takes some years before rooftops of this kind begin paying for themselves. When they eventually do, however, house owners are delighted they created the switch.

Be prompted, nevertheless, that the 30-percent tax credit does not apply to roofing on a new residence. It covers just replacement rooftops. And if you substitute the roofing system on a home that you employ less than 80% of the year, the tax credit would need to be prorated to the amount of time you actually reside in it. This indicates that if you inhabit a house, say, 6 months a year, you can take only 50% of the 30-percent tax credit.

Going ecological has gotten more economical. By choosing cool roofing materials, you not only save on energy costs for your house, you obtain a cash incentive from the government, as well. So the next time you're changing your roof covering, get in touch with trustworthy contractors of roofing in Hammond, Chicago and other Illinois cities and ask about your green alternatives. To know more about Energy Star roof products, check out

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