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Someone, who wants to remain anonymous, has serious issues

by anonymous

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Since last 4 months I had a serious legal threat. To be honest, initially I had not taken this threat quite seriously. The reason was that the the person on the other side of the legal prosecution does not want to identify itself. They also do not want to tell me which post of mine they think is defamatory and who their lawyer is. Their only focus remains to get my complete credentials, such as knowing my complete name, phone number, and my address.

They started by going through an email account. This account was created by my webmaster, and I do not have any idea how they determined what it was. Currently I use Gmail for this site. It is at this Gmail account, that I receive most of my emails. My only assumption is that they did in a manner, that it became very difficult for me to identify them. Apart from that, I assume that they had already contacted me before, as my hosts know me that I don't keep my email exchanges private.

I do not know how any person would be comfortable in providing his details to any anonymous person. That too in times, when there are a huge number of people out there trying to extract the most of your personal information. This is the reason, I am not even comfortable to provide my first name to someone I do not know. However, I know that my name is surely on every posts and comment that I make. Still, I would like people to value my piracy.

Why is threatening me?

I admit that had several disagreements with the regarding the way they run it. Still, there is no way I would publicly say that Brent is shy. Whatever he says in his blog about the different people, it is his choice. This thing I respect and would say that I would not interfere it.

Whether Endurance International Group is actually threatening me?

They are aware about me and my intentions. They have been regularly visiting my site and know a lot about me. However, they would not like to threaten me. For them, I am like a mere grain of sand.

Whether Siteground,, and any other big name sites is behind the recent activities?

There are no big names which would have any issue or problem with my website. Once a reviewer has an issue, which Siteground corrected. Ixwebhosting has done their PR work. Any big host is liable to have their own legal team that would contact me on their behalf. I seriously doubt they would play games

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