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Emergence of the Craftsman House Plans

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During the confluence of the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution, the upper class of the society built large homes made of mass materials. These homes became a symbol of that period. Use of these materials by the upper sections of the society compelled the lower class of the society to work in slave like conditions to gather the materials. The affluent were blind to the suffering of the laborers.

Homes in the Victorian age signified a relation of slave and master among the two sections of the society. The kitchen was kept completely detached from the rest of the house. Only the slaves entered the kitchen to prepare meals.

It was not possible for the middle class of the society to afford servants and it became necessary to design house in a different way. It was often the mother who was responsible for child care, cleaning and cooking. Thus, the need for an open kitchen space emerged. This allowed the mother to keep a vigil on her kids while cooking.

All this resulted in emergence of the craftsman homes. Some of the features of a craftsman house plan are use of crafted or natural materials like glass, stone, or wood. Some of the common architectural aspects found in these homes are hipped or gabled roofs, low-pitched roof lines, deeply overhanging eaves, front porch, exposed rafters and extension on the roof. Craftsman bungalow style became very popular during the 20th century. The open floor house plans with few hallways constitute one of the most prominent features of the craftsman homes. Large fireplace with in-built cabinets, built-in cabinetry, decorative knee braces, lights on the upper window, double windows with single pane in the lower window, hammered copper or bronze metalwork, are some of the stylized features of the craftsman homes that makes your home look truly unique.

Craftsman house plans are eco friendly and follows the themes of social awareness. So, if you are a supporter of the green revolution, a craftsman house plan is the best option for you. You can incorporate plenty of green features and save power as well. Those who are trying to save on the electricity charges can install solar power and consume less electricity.

A country home plan creates a "homely" and livable place to live in with unassuming statures. You have plenty of space and the casual porch frontages to enjoy. You can look online for suitable craftsman house plans. Keeping in mind pre-defined criteria will help you to easily shortlist the house plan of your choice. You can also talk to the architects and communicate your needs to them, so that they can suggest the right house plan for a comfortable stay. You will be amazed to see your dream of a perfect home getting realized with assistance from the experts. Compare features and amenities offered in different house plans and choose the right one of your choice.

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