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Birmingham Airport Car Parking for special needs people

by davein

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As it is standard for most public and general amenities, there has to be considerations for the disabled and special needs people. As such, Birmingham Airport also understands this and has set some guidelines that they have setup to help out those of you out there that are in need of such services have a good and easy time, before their travels. As such, there are several options that airport authorities that follow up on Birmingham airport car parking have devised to ensure that everything flows for all passengers travelling through the airport.


The airport uses the blue badge scheme option, which is created for the disabled and needy UK wide, offering them a chance to receive the special attention and exclusions in their endeavours to park and get ready for their flights. A blue badge is a service that gives people with mobility problems a chance to have it easier to handle their travelling issues without much of a hassle. A holder of the card has the opportunity of parking at the drop and go zone for up to 1 hour free; after which normal charges apply.


Birmingham airport car parking for the disabled is made to work for the challenged. As such, as you plan and organise yourself to travel, you get working solutions. As a disabled individual you have parking options in all the main parking areas available. However, you need to ensure that you go for the parking area that suites your travelling period. For cases where you are gone for a matter of hours or days, the drop and go zone will be a suitable place; however, after the 60 minutes, normal charges apply.


The short stay and long stay parking areas have room for the disabled to park their vehicles too. These areas are suitable for those of you that plan to be out for a relatively short to long periods of time. The great thing about this Birmingham airport car parking options for the disabled are that there are special facilities in place at all these lots that will ease and simplify movement from the lots to the terminal.


To experience the best of Birmingham Airport Car Parking, you are advised to make a call two days before travelling and carry your blue badge every where you go. This way, the necessary authorities may advise you on where to park, and if necessary, arrange how and where you are to park. 

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