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My Kind of Marylebone

by barry446

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Marylebone, located in the city of Westminster, has always held a healthy reputation as an affluent, respectful and diverse place to live; in fact it’s quite a rare feat that you should find yourself unable to navigate to somewhere quirky or interesting. There’s a broad selection of shops and restaurants that are serving up some of the best food London has to offer and some of the finest clothes money can buy. Even if you’re on a budget, you don’t need to panic as there’s plenty of opportunity to find a bargain in the right places. When it comes to the evening, the pubs and bars cater for all; with fancy cocktail bars for those of us who are a little bit flamboyant and traditional and British pubs that are popular with work colleagues at the end of a hard day. Whatever you choose to do, don’t eat, shop or drink alone; seek the company of a Marylebone escort and it will make your experience that bit better.


Though the British don’t have many dishes that they can honestly say they’re proud of, fish and chips has over time become a nation’s favourite and is even an icon, along with Canary Wharf, Big Ben and London Bridge, to represent Britishness. It’s for this reason that when you come across the Golden Hind, a restaurant famed for lining its walls with black and white photos dating back to the turn of the 20th century, and sporting a retro black board inscribed with the “day’s specials” on it, you have to pop in. Continuing the theme of Britishness, there’s a Teahouse just around the corner called Postcard Teas, run by a gentleman named Tim d’Offey, who has travelled the world in search of the finest teas. If you’d rather something that’s a little more of a novelty, from our cousins across the pond, then get along to Meat Liquor; a North American Diner that serves up, from dusk til dawn, the juiciest hamburgers, spare ribs and southern fried chicken. Why not share a strawberry milkshake with one of the escorts in Marylebone and watch the world go by?


When it comes to putting on your dancing shoes and hitting the bar and club scene, there’s plenty of opportunities to flash the cash. Artesian, inside the David Langham hotel, has a five star rating from Time Out London and boasts high ceilings and marble pillars. Honey Pot, the tapas tavern, homes a wealth of wine and is a favoured destination for any aspiring or established wine connoisseurs. If, instead of wine, whiskey’s your drink, then further down the highstreet is Salt Whiskey Bar and Dining Room. A dark, misty, square shaped interior, Salt Whiskey Bar gives its customers a Middle-Eastern or perhaps Asian experience. Marylebone gives any fine-diner the opportunity to impress and be the envy of most Londoners; just ensure a Marylebone escort is at your side to keep things spontaneous and exciting.


Author Information: Barry Richards is a freelance journalist who has contributed to various magazines, newspapers and websites. In his spare time he enjoys dancing and socialising and is always networking. He is the author of this article on Marylebone Escorts. For more  Schedule an Appointment.

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