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Wembley Town and Wembley Arena have something to offer too

by jacobcallum

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Wembley just wouldn’t be the same without Wembley Stadium; it’s the main reason why the area attracts millions of football, rugby and music fans each year. With all of those tourists in one place, however, it’s not the only attraction. Connected to the stadium is the White Horse Bridge, which stretches an impressive fifty metres across the stadium to the Wembley town centre; a location that is developing with the times and forever being invested in. With so much fun to be had, and so many shops and bars offering the chance to shop and dine in style, a Wembley escort can act as the perfect companion to ease the stress of packed crowds and live entertainment.

With a span of three hundred and fifteen metres, after a seven hundred and fifty million pound renovation in 2007, Wembley Stadium is considered one of London’s most important landmarks along with Canary Wharf, The London Eye and Big Ben. Hailed as one of the most famous stadiums in the world today, along with Camp Nou in Barcelona and the Bernabeu in Madrid, Wembley Stadium has put on some of sports most memorable moments to date. The Champions League final was played there back in 2011, and the stadium has just announced that they will be hosting it again in 2013.

It’s not just sport that Wembley Stadium has catered to; sold out arena’s for some of the world’s biggest music acts pop up every now and then. Muse, back in 2010, sold out a packed arena to a crowd of adoring fans. The pitch, newly covered by uniquely designed protective panels, was able to cater for an extra twenty five thousand fans to stand. With acts forever selling out the groundbreaking arena, don’t miss the opportunity to book yourself a ticket. But don’t go alone. Especially when there’s a fine selection of gorgeous, trendy and funny young escorts in Wembley who would make a fine partner for the experience.

A couple of places that don’t get as much attention as the Stadium, but are just as accessible and enjoyable, are Wembley Town and Wembley Arena. Wembley Town has seen the retail, leisure and housing market recently granted a one billion pound development fund, which has meant that shops, bars and restaurants in the area are more easily accessible and better equipped. Wembley Arena is forever hosting a wide array of music and theatre acts; those who are a fan of the mellow, relaxing sound of Bon Iver can look forward to performances from him in 2013, and the child in you may enjoy a live performance of Ice Age. With variety at it’s best, why not sit side-by-side with a Wembley escort at either of these events? It’s a guaranteed way to make the experience that bit more comfortable, enjoyable and excitable.


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