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Try the New Jeremy Scott Shoes for a High Fashion Sense

by Blairnill

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The Adidas wings have been the highlight of their range of shoes since 2008. These shoes were designed by Jeremy Scott, one of the renowned American designers. The Adidas wing collection proved to be a huge hit among the celebrities and other fashion forward people. The shoes were somewhat comparable to the earlier designs being manufactured by the company.

The Jeremy Scott shoes actually have wings attached to them near the laces but some of them even have them at the back. These could be called the most unconventional design that exists in the market. The shoes have an angelic look to offer. The wings are detachable and along with the coloring that they have, it gives them a futuristic look despite being inspired by the style of the 80s.

This line of Adidas wings has maintained a level of innovation and creativity that cannot be met by anyone else ever. After seeing those shoes, one might draw a reference to Hermes, the Greek messenger god as he used to wear sandals that had wings which helped him get airborne.

Some of the Jeremy Scott shoes in the line are made using a soft transparent plastic, which keeps them comfortable and see-through. Such designs could not be found anywhere else and are bound to get you a lot of attention from onlookers on the street.

Every year, they come up with newer and quirkier designs. Recently, they brought out a furry shoe which had a teddy bear attached to it; later on, their design included a monkey. One of their most controversial designs had shackles. It was later withdrawn amid a lot of criticism as the shackles represented slavery and racism.

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