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The Living Conditions of Vibrating Screen

by anonymous

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     In recent years, China's economy has achieved rapid development, and it has played a key role in engineering machinery manufacturing industry, especially mining machinery industry. But judging from China's overall economy of vibrating machinery industry as a whole. Compared with the world's advanced vibration screening machinery industry ,vibrating machinery industry of China at the present stage still has a large gap, its industrial revolution has not been fully completed, there was still a long way to go in the future. "Emancipating the mind" is to be more active and accurate judgment for new changes in global economic developments and trends in the global industrial transfer. Global economic integration is an inevitable trend, sustainable patterns of industrial development is an inevitable choice. Then, how to emancipate thinking in vibrating screen industry.
     First: in such a highly competitive society today, we need to supporting private vibrating screen manufacturer and limiting the area of development of State-owned enterprise in the people's livelihood and strongly encourage the broad participation of private enterprises in the non-competitive industries. According to statistics, the private vibrating screen industry takes most parts, and it plays a dominant role in vibrating screen, which makes the vibration screening industry alive, the national economy may be stronger.
     Secondly: under the influence of the global financial crisis, it takes effect to many small and medium enterprises, their economies suffered serious losses, even bankruptcy. At this point, we should give more convenience to private manufacturing industry on the financial aspect, which makes it produce more technical content of Crusher under a certain economic strength to overcome the impact of the financial crisis. Face the financial crisis, while the State has a lot of policy to encourage financial institutions to support the development of SMEs, credit skewed, however, judging from the credit situation, and the vast majority of funds flow to State-owned enterprises, Which led that the money of state-owned enterprises cannot be used up, and SME loans less money, because in the special period, medium private enterprises lack collateral, that does not meet the principles of loans from financial institutions during the financial crisis.

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