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The CAPTCHA alternative

by mario26

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Nowadays, we live in a world where technology, knowledge, and information are the vital weapons that can be used against you to steal your personal and private stuff. Therefore, it has become necessary to develop a new technology that will help you to prevent your valuable and private information from being accessed by others. This new technology is called CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). As the name suggests, it filters out unreal humans or bots or programmed spammers and allows only real humans to access a website. It is mostly used on websites which provide a platform to create email/registration accounts, upload/download valuable information, access protective data, etc. This program provides security measures as it helps in preventing your private information in getting into the wrong hands.

Nowadays a new multimedia based technology or captcha alternative has come in the market known as efence. It replaces the irritating and time consuming methods of human authentication. It has a user friendly approach of presenting challenges that are easy and interesting interactions for humans, but, very hard for bots or malicious scripts. Efence is an anti-spam technology that can be used as plugins on popular technology platforms for many content management systems that include captcha php, captcha html, joomla captcha, drupal captcha, java captcha, and many more. So, it can be easily implemented on any popular website.

Efence gives a friendly feeling to the human user as the user has to click on the captcha image or type is something related to the image, to access a website. This is mostly used to ensure that nobody other than real humans can access your data. It can be effectively implemented on the comment page, blog page, or any other website pages. The efence CAPTCHA fools the spam bots as the bots cannot figure out the displayed image.

Thus, CAPTCHA has a wide range of security applications and can be used to prevent personal information from getting into wrong hands. There are many CAPTCHA service providers like giving their reliable services for preventing your website from spam bots. It is worth getting it on your website!

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