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Key Maintenance Method of Jaw Crusher

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     Jaw crusher wear is inevitable in daily operations; regular maintenance can extend the life to the maximum, so we make long-term maintenance for the eccentric shaft, bearing, and spindle of jaw crusher.
     The Working way of jaw crusher is squeezing and extrusion, its working principles are: motor-driven belt and pulley, moving jaw up and down through eccentric shaft, when the movable jaw increases,  angle between toggle plate and moving jaw becomes larger, so as to promote the movable jaw plate close to fixed jaw plate. At the same time, materials are crushed or cut into pieces, and achieve the purpose of breaking; when the movable jaw plate downturns, the angle between toggle plate and movable jaw plate becomes smaller, under the function of jaw plate and spring, jaw plate leaves fixed jaw plate, and the crushed materials are discharged from the bottom of crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the movable jaw plate makes periodic motion and crushes and discharges the crushed materials.
     First of all, if the shaft wear is small, if you rarely just fix its geometric shape, you can lathe on the bus cuts, and bring the journal to correct geometric shapes, and then decrease the bearing diameter. But after several times, if the axle journal size is reduced 5% than before, it would not be allowed to turn, and should be replaced by a new axis.
Once again, jaw crushers are working under impact loads, the working period of babbit lined on Bush is about two years, and you will need to cast again if it is out of date. If the eccentric shaft and bearings, spindles and bearings are worn, and its tip clearance is 1.5 times larger than the original gap, you need add pad or replace it, if the oil Groove wear is 1.5 mm, you should reopen the oil Groove and adjust.

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