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Finding Great Deals on Watches Online

by LauraFulton

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If you think that the web does not have great deals on brand name items, think again. You can buy online watches for less when you look for a number of quality merchants that take pride in selling a superior product.

We are not talking about those that sell cheap replicas that fall apart during shipment or shortly after purchase. This is a waste of your money and a waste of time for the business itself.

Anyone can buy finely-crafted timepieces for less than what most retailers sell the same item. And these merchants carry men's watches as well as those for the entire family.

Here's an example of how anyone can save with the discounts on watches that are found online.

In this instance, a fellow we will call "Bill", has saved a portion of his paycheck for the past several months so that he can buy a designer watch he saw in a men's magazine.

Bob is looking to upgrade his image as he is interested in becoming upper management in the near future. Since his quest to save began, he has had to pass up all sorts of social opportunities and just go straight home after a long day at the job. While he misses his friends, he knows this is for a wise investment.

While this logic may be true, Bob's friend Bill went shopping online for the same watch.

After hearing horrid reviews and testimonials about a few companies, he ran across an online merchant that offers a five-year guarantee on all purchases. There were also many wonderful reviews to be found that spoke extensively about their knowledge and customer service.

Bob was finally able to buy his watch after nearly six months of saving. What also helped was that he held a credit from a returned purchase at his favorite retailer. This helped to cover the sales taxes.

Now, Bill makes significantly less than Bob, who is an accountant at his company. So how was a mail clerk able to buy a designer watch on his meager salary?

For weeks, people asked if he came into an inheritance or knew someone special. After humoring his co-workers and others, he forwarded them a link to the company where he bought his watch.

As an incentive, this merchant rewards their customers who refer their business to others. Since Bill's original purchase, he has been able to buy another watch for less than what he paid the first time.

In the meantime, Bob enjoys his watch but realizes how much he has missed out on in the past few months. One such opportunity was a business networking cruise that is scheduled for the summer. Because of his thriftiness, he was unable to put down a deposit by the deadline.

This would have been perfect since Bob is young with no responsibilities and sees himself as a really ambitious person. The other reason it would have been great is that Bob's well-deserved vacation is scheduled for the same time.

But he has a nice watch to admire, right?

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