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Document Shredding in LA: Protection against Identity Theft

by rubybadcoe

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Every person has their own identity to cherish and protect. To access goods and basic services, it is thus necessary to establish a personal identity. But what if someone assumes another’s identity to a T and practically lives that person’s life?

Identity theft is one of today’s most alarming crimes. In a world that is increasingly more connected online, all it takes for lawless elements to wreak unimaginable havoc is to get hold of an individual’s personal information such as Social Security and credit card numbers. This is often made possible through scams known as phishing, in which a seemingly innocuous link fools unsuspecting users into divulging their passwords or account codes. Identity theft can cause extensive damage to a person’s credibility that even reputation management services could find hard to stop. This underlines the need for an effective Los Angeles shredding service.

Security experts say that simply crumpling and chucking papers into the trashcan is an easy way for other people to scrounge for certain information. California’s Billy Greenwood case of 1988 proved that the Fourth Amendment cannot stop searches of personal effects thrown outside a person’s shelter, also known as dumpster diving. Therefore it is recommended that documents be shredded prior to garbage disposal to guarantee total elimination of sensitive information. Burning is not advised because of the smoke and fire hazards, plus there might not be enough fuel to destroy everything satisfactorily.

There can be no shortage of sensitive documents lying around the house. These include ATM receipts, credit card statements, utility bills, magazine mail stubs, old IDs, and even outdated resumes. Anyone who requires document shredding in Los Angeles can opt to buy their own paper shredders or a trusted third-party company for this task.

People also need not worry about the legal implications of shredding paper to protect their identity, as it is covered over numerous federal laws. National Association of Information Destruction executive director Bob Johnson even recommends that households purchase their own shredders to safeguard personal identities. However, certain states have limitations on how long certain vital papers must be kept.

Safeguarding one’s personal identity by shredding unnecessary or obsolete documents is beneficial in the long run. Educate yourself about the basics of information security. Visit for more information.

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