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Deal with Bad Links with the Latest Disavow Link Tool by Goo

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Google, recently launched the highly anticipated disavow link tool at the Pubcon conference. This is the latest update made by Google and within few week of its launch, it is used by millions of SEO experts all over the globe. The impact of poor backlinks and negative SEO has been haunting SEO experts, post penguin update. This is natural because most the websites do not have control over other sites that add link to your website.


But finally there is some relief for the SEO experts with the launch of Google’s Disavow Link. This allows SEO experts to submit files containing the links that they think are Spammy and Google should ignore them while scrolling down your website. Take an example, your website has 10 relevant links and 3 bad links, create a file containing those 3 bad links and sent a Disavow link request to Google. This will benefit you when Google will check the link profile of your website. Most of the SEO experts have incorporated this tool to theirSEO services and it has benefitted them to a great extent.


But there are certain things that SEO experts will need to keep in mind while using this latest tool.


  • The Disavow Link tool can also have negative effects: If the file is not created properly or the links that you have submitted are not Spammy, the rank of your website might fall unintentionally in the search engine. Suppose, you disavow link by the domain name of your website rather than selecting individual links in your file, the benefits that your website will get from the good link on your website might be reduced to a great extent.


  • The tool must be Used only if your Website is Harmed: Make sure that you use the Disavow Link tool only when you are completely sure that your website is gong to fall victim in the hands of negative SEO or when you are not able to solve the problems of the existing backlinks on your website. Determining the effect of negative SEO is a complicate task, but the most common symptoms are fall in rankings and reduced traffic. The process of separating bad links from the good links can be a tedious process. But you will also need to be sure that the links are harmful and at the same time causing harm to your website.


  • Disavowing Links Might not Improve the Rankings: Google has given no explanation for the way it uses the data that these experts submit in the disavow link tool. But the main thing that you must keep in mind is that after you submit the files it will take Google some time to disavow the links. Before submitting the links you can review them manually.



Considering both the positive and the negative aspect of the latest Disavow Link tool,the SEO companythat are planning use this tool must be careful as the result that are generated are extreme and irreversible.


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