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Keep Important Documents Safe with Records Storage in LA

by rubybadcoe

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If you think your business records are now safe after having been converted from paper to digital form, think again. With proper storage and maintenance, paper records may last from 5 to 8 years if kept away from dust, humidity, UV light, and disasters like floods, typhoons, fires, etc. And although digital records are more convenient to store and retrieve, they also face certain risks like standard paper documents.

The risks may be different, but they’re not completely gone. For instance, are you certain that your data storage—digital or otherwise—is tough enough to withstand a conflagration? Your records and computer servers may be safe from the heat, but the ensuing steam may prove far more harmful. These can be quite complicated to handle, especially since new laws now mandate that U.S. companies preserve essential business records. As such, you’ll need a proper Los Angeles records storage system for your business.

Your business documents are vulnerable to a host of destructive factors. For instance, lightning, earthquakes, and the occasional torrential rains can strike your facility and damage your physical records and storage servers. However, there can be no greater risk than a catastrophic fire that consumes anything in its path.

Fortunately, safe records storage is available for those who seeking better ways to protect their precious files. The best storage systems have specially designed vaults with exceptional fire ratings. Typical vaults with sheetrock can withstand fire for seven minutes, while concrete vault can survive up to 30 minutes. In contrast, specially manufactured vaults can hold off fire for up to four hours, giving you more than enough time to alert the authorities and ensure that no significant harm comes to your records.

Records are safest in vaults constructed with the most durable ceramic insulating fiber, structural steel, and mesh that provide excellent resistance to heat for several hours. Steel vapor barriers also the contents from steam. A certain mechanism is also added that minimizes the risk of fires starting inside the vault.

Keeping your documents safe is now possible with professionally maintained records storage in Los Angeles. With proper safety and security measures in place, you can minimize risks and threats to your everyday business operations. For further details, visit

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