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DIY methods vs. Professional exterminators for bedbug remova

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Swelling and redness on your skin with itching after getting up from the bed might be the work of mosquitoes, as a greater danger lies beneath. These are bed bugs, which are found in soft furnishings like the bed, sofas, bedding, etc. and they are pulled by human body warmth to feed on human blood. Other than itching, bedbug bite can result into grave secondary infection too. To prevent such problem complete bedbug removal is required. You might think of sprays, but opting for integrated pest management is a better option than using sprays at first. This will cut down the influx and restrict your exposure to these pests.


Keep your home clean


Those, who travel a lot and live in a cluttered home, are more vulnerable to bedbug infestation. In such cases, the first step for getting rid of bedbugs is to clean up the mess. For mattresses use bedbug covers or other casements to keep away the bedbugs. Wash and dry blankets, bed sheets, bedspreads and remember to clean the laundry containers, as these can be infected with bedbugs. Any suggest DIY freezing for killing bedbugs, but home freezers might not be effective for killing the bugs. Keeping things in freezing temperature outside the home can kill the bedbugs, but the entire procedure can take several days.


DIY methods


Bed bugs are easily transferrable, especially within the same unit whether it is a big building or a home. When you keep things outside, killing the bedbugs become even more necessary, or other people might take it with them. Vacuuming is another way of getting rid of bedbugs. Cautiously vacuum floors, rugs, bed frames, upholstered furniture, crevices and cracks, and around the bed as well. Look for greener and safer products for killing bedbugs such as pressurized boric acid, powder dust, bedbug control kits, or steam cleaner.


Need of professional help


Those who are not able to handle bedbug infestation should rope in professional bedbug exterminators before the problem aggravates. In general, exterminators charge from 250 dollars to 900 dollars for one room, depending on the kind of infestation. Professionals use pesticides coupled with other treatments for eradicating bedbugs completely. Exterminators tend to visual inspection or use trained dogs for detecting the bugs and then use strong residual pesticides for eliminating the bugs. Devices used to trap bedbugs and heat treatment are other options of treating the pest problem.


Professionals use effective methods


On comparing bedbug removal products available over-the-counter and methods used by professional bedbug exterminators, it is apparent that professionals use tested and well-researched pesticides, whereas other products easily available in the market are not equally tested and verified. Some large retail outlets also sell DIY traps made of petroleum jelly for trapping bedbugs. To decide whether your home need the service of professional exterminators do a little research and try DIY methods, but if these methods fail to work, then it is always a logical move to call the professional. Remember that cleaning grave infestation can cost far more than small infestation. Availing professional help is also better than using unhealthy sprays and dusts.

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