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On Being a Truck Driver and Attending a Truck Driving School

by marviscarswell

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Very frequently, people can only imagine the adventure and the challenges that lie ahead on the open road. Other people realize their dream by possessing and driving a truck whenever they desire. If you're thinking about turning into a truck driver in Surrey, here are some inquiries and answers that will help you comprehend what being a truck driver is all about.

The Requirements

Every company uses a unique set of background qualifications for hiring truck drivers. You don't need to fret much however since transportation isn't a very hard occupation to get into. A few trucking service providers will instruct you free of charge, while others will require you to obtain a diploma at any Surrey truck driving school. A lot of courses require 24 hours of theory training in addition to 20 to 100 hours of practical training (depending on the program taken) before a diploma is handed out.

What Truck Drivers Do

Truck drivers transport products from one point to another through tractor trailers. Some drivers drive locally within the Vancouver area, while a few travel across the whole country. Then again, most truckers begin as an over-the-road or OTR driver, which generally means steering trucks cross-country for two to three weeks each time.

The Pros

Sadly, people see a lot of unfavorable thoughts in truck driving as a career, and uncovering a fresh and positive perspective on a trucking career can be difficult for anybody. Even though many don't view trucking as a terrific work preference, for the select few in this coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, truck driving is the only means to live. Truck drivers enjoy modest perks and pays in addition to the unique life that the open road supplies.

Career Advancement

Of course, advancement possibilities can be found in truck driving, especially if you've been at it for above a year. Having said that, truck drivers aren't really thinking about having a desk job. As an alternative, they often relocate to more pleasing truck driving works like local driving that enables them to go home every day.

Now, does truck driving seem like the life for you? The best driving schools in Vancouver can give you the accreditation you need in case you pursue this route. For additional suggestions on being a trucker, see


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