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Practical and Green: Chicago Landscape Design and Style

by katyeagles

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What's host to over 552 parks and impressive skyscrapers that adorn the skyline is Chicago. Around 8.2% of Chicago's land is devoted to green spaces. It's fascinating to note that the city's Latin motto is Urbs in Horto, which means, "Metro in a Yard"—something that is clearly shown by the city's lush parks.

It must be noted that Chicago was a proponent of the City Beautiful Movement—a design and metropolitan planning philosophy which started in the late 19th century and endured well into the 20th century. This motion emphasized the beautification of urban environments and the design of grand frameworks to inspire civic pride. While much of old Chicago emanates this ideal, what about the residential suburbs located in the outlying regions? Luckily, specialists who oversee landscape design in Chicago can produce inspired landscaping endeavors for household properties.

A few of the most stunning communities in Chicago happen to be the suburban portions of the metro. Locations near the Lakefront district, Evergreen Park Village, and Oak Lawn ideally reflect Chicago's unique aesthetics, with their impressive development of the surroundings and plants. Flora and practical frameworks blend seamlessly—with landscaped foreshoreways gracing the seashore, lightly wooded "home town" designs that emanate a modern-day rustic appeal, and rolling hills of grass that add a flair of green to otherwise asphalt community lots.

Expert landscapers in Chicago know the best ways to produce practical visual designs for household homes. True to Chicago's visual appeal, the lush collection of greens is ingeniously combined with something utilitarian—like outdoor kitchens, brick paver outdoor patios, or fire pits. Shrubs, trees, perennial flora, and exquisite flowers are grown and maintained around these exterior components, producing an environment that is both verdant and useful.

For many residents in the residential areas, having an easy yard simply will not cut it. The good news is, landscaping professionals who also specialize in residential property management can maintain the condition and appearance of these homes. Services like regular turf upkeep, planting and bed care for flora, fertilizing and weed regulation, remulching, and ornamental pruning will certainly produce spectacular green spaces.

Chicago's landscaping and metropolitan planning is more than just visually terrific; it's a great model for green living. For comprehensive home landscaping tips, visit For more info on green neighborhoods in Chicago, see

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