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Staying Fashionably Ahead with Frugality

by moscowgordeeva

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Many people buy quality clothing and shoes because they last for a long time. For the person that works as an executive or in management, spending £500 on a briefcase is a much better investment than spending £50 for one. The one that costs more is likely to hold up better while in transit for years while the less expensive one may not survive a single rainstorm.

Now, this does not just happen as taking care of clothing, shoes and luggage is also important. While some maintenance can be done at home, other tasks involve a good dry cleaning service that takes pride in what they do.

Some people may see this as an expense but it is really an investment in your image.

Have you ever met someone and saw they had a large stain on their shirt? It was probably distracting and made it hard for you to focus on what it was they were saying. In matters of business, this can cause a person to miss out on some great opportunities or be taken seriously (at first) by the right people.

So while it does not make a lot of sense to spend huge amounts of money on trendy items that are poorly made, it does pay off to get classic pieces that will stand the test of time. That person with the stained shirt may have tried their best to get it out by hand before placing it in a washing machine and still had a trace of a stain.

Does this make them a bad person? No, but a smart person would have used dry cleaning services that can tackle tough stains.
So by investing in quality first, you can make a great impression and have a nice social and professional circle because of this one minor detail.

And the same applies to shoes. Some people love to wear shoes that make them stand out in a crowd. If a person if young or fun-loving, there is nothing wrong with having a few pieces of trendy footwear. Whether it was a goldfish inside clear platform heels, shoes that light up or other novelty, these can be fond memories.

However, when it comes to business, heels that are run-down are not the business. The same goes for thin soles, worn stitching and other issues that can not only make your appearance look bad but cause potential harm.

Using a service that will make shoe repairs is one of the best fashion statements a person can make. For one, it costs less than replacing them and it also takes less time.

Sometimes, a person has only one opportunity to make a great impression on another person. While we all have our moments of vulnerability and unavoidable mistakes, getting past negative perceptions can be a challenge when trying to get ahead in the world. While some of the people we meet may become our best friend, spouse or very important person in our lives, attention to detail can certainly make a difference.

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