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Unsecured Credit Lines

by dynamaxbusiness

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Unsecured revolving business credit lines are a smart way for you to grow and expand your business. You pay only on the credit you use making revolving credit lines a perfect financing source for your business. Plus revolving business lines can be used, paid down, and then reused making them very practical for you as a business owner. This gives you tremendous peace of mind to know that additional money is available if needed. The amount you will be approved for will vary based on your volume of business. You can secure a revolving credit line for over $150,000 with no financials needed to qualify, and credit lines up to $250,000 if you are showing business tax returns and financials. Some revolving lines do require you put up collateral to qualify. Collateral can include accounts receivables, inventory, machinery & equipment, and even real estate. Other credit lines are available with limited to no financial documents needed to qualify. Most business revolving credit lines require a personal guarantor to be approved. This means that if you fail to meet the terms of the agreement you will be personally liable. Your personal credit will also be used to qualify you for revolving business credit lines. You can also qualify with a strong business credit profile and score. Through your business funding suite you can easily establish excellent business credit scores in less than 60 days. You can then use your newly established business credit profile and score to qualify for unsecured credit lines without personal credit being as much of a factor. Most banks have cut back dramatically on the funds they are offering to small business owners. As a result many owners have found it very difficult to obtain revolving business credit lines. Through the business funding suite you have access to the best revolving business credit lines available today with the most lenient personal credit score and documentation requirements. You can easily and quickly get approved and receive your credit line in only a few weeks through your own funding suite. Your money is waiting, contact me directly so we can get you access to your own funding suite and start putting $$$ in your pocket today.



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