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Wedding Photography and Other Bridal Traditions

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Some wedding traditions—such as hiring a wedding photography professional to take pictures or hosting a wedding reception after the ceremony—make perfect sense. Other wedding traditions, such as the choice of white for the wedding dress, the wedding party of bridesmaids and groomsmen, and tossing the garter and the wedding bouquet seem arbitrary in terms of usefulness. Yet the people of Toronto, just as in many other cities, follow these traditions anyway. So, what are the origins of these traditions?

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of wedding traditions is the white dress worn by the bride. Perhaps one of the most important elements of wedding photography as a whole is the bride posing in her white wedding dress. The wedding dress is central to the modern day wedding tradition. Many people are surprised to learn that the tradition of the white dress is not really that old. In fact, it originates from the 1800s when Queen Victoria was married in a pale dress patterned with orange blossoms. People were so taken with her dress that brides all over England were soon imitating her choice of pale color for their wedding gowns. Before Queen Victoria debuted her groundbreaking gown, women were married in whatever happened to be the nicest dress in their wardrobes. Wealthy women might have had the luxury of having a dress specially made for their weddings, but it was not necessarily white.

Wedding photography is a tradition that makes practical sense, but not everyone knows where the tradition came from. Around the time that wedding photography became available to brides and grooms, people would pose for very formal wedding portraits. Wedding photography was not limited to the wedding day, but often to whenever the couple could afford it and find an available photographer. Sometimes, couples had to wait years to be photographed in their wedding finery. Before that, only the wealthy could afford wedding portraits. Wedding photography was initially very expensive, and before that, artists would render tiny painted portraits of the prospective bride and groom to serve the matchmaking efforts of parents looking to encourage their children into arranged marriages.

Most wedding traditions are old and time-honored, and as such, some aspects of them have lost their practicality through time. Although we no longer worry about emulating the fashion choices of a queen or trading miniature portraits during courtship, we do still respect and appreciate wedding traditions. As nonsensical as some of them may seem, especially in a modern city like Toronto, they do enhance the sense of tradition unique to wedding ceremonies, and Toronto wedding photography is the best tradition of all, as it ensure that the memories of the day are captured and documented for a lifetime.

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