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Surgical Gloves for People Allergic to Latex

by malindachaudhry

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Because of it's elasticity and non-porous nature, latex is one of the most prominent materials used for making medical gloves. However, there are additionally nitrile and PVC gloves for physicians and other healthcare experts that may have allergies to latex.

In recent years, a number of hospitals have been clamoring to ban latex gloves from medical use. In the US, consumer advocacy groups are requiring the ban on latex and powdered gloves due to their life-threatening results on human health. Aside from skin reactions, physicians claim that some customers also had anaphylaxis, a rapid beginning of the allergic reaction. Given this adverse trend on latex, demand for nitrile and PVC gloves are on the surge in the market.

Nitrile rubber

While latex gloves are usually constructed of natural rubber, nitrile is all artificial rubber, which makes it a good alternative selection. Its high resistance to slits, tears, oils, and acid infiltration balances rubber's natural strength. With price as a factor, nitrile gloves are used only when oils or acids are involved in a procedure or operation.


Of the 3 popular gloving materials offered in the market today, vinyl offers the very best bang for your buck. But because of the material's lower level of security, vinyl, along with PVC gloves, are ideally used in light-duty applications. PVC gloves are typically used in food service and typical cleaning jobs, and made less so for medical procedures.

In some locations, latex gloves still take the lead, but the prevalence of allergy to the material tests suppliers to producing alternative, but equally durable, high-protection gloves. Reactions to allergens in latex can not be underestimated, and can be fatal with prolonged exposure to the irritant without the benefit of a substance to control histamine production in the body. In such instances, pick alternatives, such as PVC or nitrile gloves.

If you wish to contrast the three types of gloves, there's an intriguing article you can check out at Some articles lists down the pros and cons of latex, nitrile, and PVC gloves in quick, but concise details.

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