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Aspects of Workers Compensation Hearings That Can Prove Emba

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When you first filed your Fort Lauderdale workers compensation claim following your back injury, you had no idea that you would have to attend a hearing because some of your benefits would be denied. Now, everything has become complicated, and there are aspects of your injury and your treatment that you are not sure you want to share with a stranger, even if that stranger could be determining whether or not you receive the workers compensation to which you are rightfully entitled. If this scenario sounds anything like your case, it’s important that you speak with a workers compensation attorney in Fort Lauderdale as soon as possible.

It is not uncommon in workers compensation injuries, especially those involving the neck or spine, for patients to experience either the inability to or extreme pain and difficulty in participating in sexual intercourse. This difficulty is actually a symptom of the injury, but it is usually one that the patient does not want to discuss overmuch. However, just as your doctor would treat a limp, numbness in your arm, or severe headaches if those constituted the symptoms of the injury for which you filed a workers compensation claim, so too, your doctor will want to see to it that you are able to enjoy sexual intercourse, if possible, once you have recovered from your injury.

Obviously, there are some serious brain and spinal cord injuries that permanently render the victim unable to engage in sexual intercourse. However, in most cases of injury and even permanent disability, workers compensation benefits can be used to cover rehabilitative and physical therapies that will enable the patient to participate in sexual activity, even if that activity has to be modified from its previous expression, either in terms of duration or positioning.

Understandably, most people experience a certain level of discomfort or embarrassment at the realization that their workers compensation hearing will require them to discuss not only the accident that caused the injury, but the symptoms and treatments pertaining to their sexual activity. However, an experienced attorney can help even the shyest and most reserved of claimants to prepare for the hearing such that they can answer all pertinent questions completely and appropriately.

You do not have to face your hearing with fear and trepidation when you have a qualified workers compensation attorney at your side. Whether your nervousness involves embarrassing symptoms, a fear of what might be asked in the hearing, or some other personal issue, your attorney can help you to prepare. Contact a workers compensation attorney in Fort Lauderdale right away to get the help you need with your claim.

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