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What to do when ppt presentation Gives Error

by larendaniel

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Microsoft Office PowerPoint has been the most trusted presentation program for years. And for more than 2 years now, it is the 2007 version of it, which has been enjoying the confidence and faith of all its users. Having said that, one cannot deny that this application like any other application can fail a customer when most required, as its files are prone to corruption. So a user must always keep a backup of all his important presentations to be able to perform pptx recovery, when required. Otherwise a user has to rely on a PowerPoint recovery tool.

Consider, you are working on a project for a meeting next week and have almost completed all your work, when your friend comes over, and you go for a long break. You closed your presentation before leaving. When you open the presentation later that day, you find that it refuses to open while giving you following error:

PowerPoint found unreadable content in Presentation.pptx. Do you want to recover the contents of this presentation? If you trust the source of this presentation, click Yes.


There was an error access C:\documents and settings\username\Presentation.pptx

It surprises you as it was fine when you closed it. You wonder, what could possibly be wrong.

This abrupt behavior is due to the presence of invalid or damaged data in your presentation. Due to this, the presentation has become corrupt or damaged.

PowerPoint file can become corrupt when user has to work from  removable storage devices, like, network servers, CD-ROMs, USB flash drives, Zip disks. Ensure, you don't do that. Also, do take other precautions, like the Allow fast saves feature should be turned off, but keep saving the file frequently. Another important thing is to keep validated backups, and follow hard drive maintenance practices. These things can help you prevent such problems in future. But in case you have already encountered it, do go through resolutions.

If you have an earlier version of PowerPoint, for example PowerPoint 2000 and earlier versions, it is possible that they do not read or detect the various types of invalid or damaged data in presentation which PowerPoint 2007 can detect. So, you can try to open the file in an earlier version of PowerPoint. If the presentation opens, insert the slides from the damaged presentation into a new presentation. For this, click New Slide from Slides group on the Home tab, and select Reuse Slides. In the pane which opens up, click Open a PowerPoint File. In the dialog box marked Browse, search for your presentation, and click on the Open button.

If this doesn't sort out the problem, then the user will have to opt for ppt recovery tools. This tool is a complete solution for all PowerPoint recovery needs, and supports recovery of all Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.

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