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Why Use Electronic Cigarettes?

by dnieva

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Smoking is really an addictive habit that one cannot just forget or do away with. According to research it is the cigarettes’ nicotine content that makes it very addicting. Unfortunately, repeated smoking or those considered as chain smokers are having a difficult time to stop smoking. Just like being addicted to drugs an addicted smoker will also undergo several withdrawal symptoms once they start to shift from a smoker to a non-smoker. Unfortunately, these symptoms are not pleasant at all that it actually a painful experience that many are quitting the withdrawal process and just go back to smoking.


Why Quit Smoking


Smoking cigarettes delivers a myriad of chemicals into your body particularly to your lungs which of course in the long run would cause several illnesses. Imbibing diseases is one of the best reasons why you should start quitting. Of course many would just shun this idea especially if they are already addicted to the nicotine. Quitting is not as easy as it seems, as stated; the process of withdrawal is quite difficult and painful at times. Further it does not only require physical medical attention but also psychological treatment and guidance. One cannot suddenly stop smoking cigarette as it will multiply both the physical and the psychological pain. Withdrawing the use of cigarette on a gradual manner is recommended so as not to shock the body at the sudden change of nicotine intake. This is where electronic cigarette would come in. Of course electronic cigarette does not claim to be a healthier alternative to cigarette, nor does it claim to have therapeutic effects. But one thing is for sure the functionality of an electric cigarette will help in the process of gradually quitting the habit.


How Can Electronic Cigarette Help?


It is because of the electric cigarettes’ characteristic to provide to the user the capacity to adjust the nicotine content that the user may inhale makes it a device that could help in toning down the nicotine consumption of a person. Since electronic cigarettes are relying on water vapor this makes it less if not totally not harmful at all when nicotine level has already been reduced to zero. Unlike for a cigarette where the nicotine level as well as other chemicals is at an standard amount, the electric cigarette makes it possible to reduce the amount of nicotine that is to be taken by the user. Furthermore, the electric cigarette will be able to provide the users the ability to choose different flavors which could mask if not remove the foul smell of smoke that regular cigarettes would emit. Smoking, using an electronic cigarette when used properly could really help you quit smoking properly and with lesser pain.

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