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A corrupt Zip file calls for Extensive

by anonymous

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File transfer has come of age due to the coming of the zip file format. Being a compression and archiving format, it allows transfer of heavy files, by reducing their size. Thanks to this, our lives have been greatly simplified. But there are times when a downloaded zip file, doesn't open correctly for some users and they find their files corrupt, while others can open the file with ease. There could be various reasons for the corruption of that file. And one has to work for a comprehensive zip recovery in such a case.

Consider you and a few of your friends are working towards completion of a project, and owing to heavy rainfall the roads are blocked. So the guy who had the updated copy of the file zips the file, and mails it to every one of you. And when you try to open the file you find that it is corrupted. But everyone else seems to have downloaded the file correctly. This means that there is some problem at your end alone.
Try to delete the Temporary Internet files. In many cases this solves the problem. But if it doesn't, then the problem is due to either of the mentioned reasons:

•    Due to setting on the server on which the file is stored. If the server is supposed to gzip the files that are being downloaded, then the file may read as corrupt.
•    Downloading with Internet Explorer might be causing the problem. If the mime-type specification has not been set correctly to signify that the zip file that is being downloaded is a binary file, then download for Zip file will give such an error.

If gzip coding is applied to a zip file, then IE has a problem in correctly downloading such a file.

Chances are high that your friends have downloaded zip file using Firefox, and so gzip is disabled. You can do the same, or change the settings of IE to disable gzip.

After this you should download the file again. You'll find that your zip file is no longer corrupt, and you'll be able to extract the file easily from it. But if it doesn't then it seems that there is some consistent problem, and you should look for ways for zip recovery, for example, a zip recovery software. These are third-party tools that enable users to repair a corrupt zip file.

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