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Effective cleaning by steam mops on hard floor surfaces

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Mopping is one of the most traditional and effective ways of cleaning the floors and tiles of the house. One should always choose a mop depending on the type of his floor. The old mop and bucket style is gradually being replaced by the latest arrival in the category called ‘steam mops’. They are described as revolutionary products used on hard floors for cleaning and making them shine. Everybody wants to have flawless and beautiful wooden hard floors. They look amazing with shiny and dirt free surface that adds an extravagant look to any home. Many times it’s seen that hard floors require a lot of care to protect their shine. Using hard mop heads can leave scratches and marks behind making it look rough and patchy overtime. Best practice is to use steam mops regularly to maintain its luster for a longer duration.

Special care needs to be taken if children and pets are around. They will not understand or might not follow your instructions like not to wear shoes and run on the wooden floor. Fingerprints of pets and shoe marks can leave permanent marks or scratches. Steam mops are a perfect solution to handle and combat dirt on the floor. These cleaning devices are gaining popularity as they are effective, eco-friendly and detergent-free alternative to traditional mop and bucket styles. The working styles of these mops are different from the other mops. They use electricity to heat water. The base of the mop is covered with soft, washable and reusable pads. When the user pushes the handle steam is released into these pads, which in turn helps in picking up dirt as they pass across the floor.

Many brands claim that they can be safely used on hardwood floors, but it is always good to ask your manufacturers to specify the suitable product for your kind of floor. And, if the manufacturer does not specify it is necessary to be cautious while purchasing any floor mop. Steam mops should not be used on unsealed wood floors. An unsealed floor is one that has not been polyurethaned or varnished. These floors have no protection and the wood is completely exposed. Another important thing is to avoid using detergents with steam mops. They are designed to work with water and using any kind of detergent can ruin your machine. It is always good to use vacuum cleaners before using steam mops to avoid scratches and tearing of the reusable pad. So care needs to be taken while handling such devices.

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